Lupus Webinar Archive

We offer webinars hosted by lupus experts that can be accessed from home or office. Access audio, slides, and Q&A logs from past webinars below.

Ensayos Clínicos: Mitos y Realidades (Spanish)
Clinical Trials: Myths and Facts (English)
with Dr. Irene Blanco
June 23, 2015

Food, Nutrition and Lupus
with Karla M. Giboyeaux, MA, RD
June 8, 2015

Preventive Care Strategies: Living with Lupus
with Bella Fradlis, MD
May 29, 2015

When You're Thrown for a Lup-us... Coping with Lupus
with Sarah S. Goozeé, Ph.D.
May 28, 2015

Everyday Living with Lupus - Be Proactive
with Jessica Rowshandel, LMSW
June 26, 2014

Social Security Disability - What People with Lupus Need to Know
with Daniel Berger
March 27, 2014

Laboratorios y Lupus: ¿Qué significan?
with Beverly Johnson, MD
January 27, 2014

Addressing Access to Care: Understanding Federal & State Issues
Part 1: A Basic Guide for Advocates, December 04, 2013
Part 2: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act - What Advocates Should Know
with Johanna Gray, Brent Jaquet, and Kathryn G. Schubert
January 14, 2014

Pediatric onset Lupus and Transition to Adult Care
with Dr. Kahn
Sept. 11, 2013

Labs and Lupus: What do they mean?
with Beverly Johnson, MD
June 03, 2013

Living Well, Despite Lupus: Listen Up, Doc!
with author and blogger Sara Gorman
January 8, 2013

Making Sense of Medications Used to Treat Lupus
Teniendo Sentido de los Medicamentos Usado para tardar Lupus
with Irene Blanco, MD
May 17, 2012

Coping with Chronic Illness
with Becky Hashim, PhD
April 11, 2012

Lupus and Pregnancy
with Jill Buyon, MD
November 30, 2011

Benlysta – The FDA approved it, but is it right for me?
with Richard Furie, MD
June 29, 2011

Tools for Managing Your Lupus
with Robin Dibner, MD
February 23, 2011