Multi-Cultural Programs

Although lupus can strike anyone, incidence of this disease is highest in African-American, Latino, and Asian women, most often in their childbearing years. To ensure that all women have access to the best care available, the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation offers many educational materials in Spanish as well as several programs to address multicultural needs.

We offer services in Spanish and English in underserved neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Northern Manhattan. Also, the LCNY provides referrals to several other support programs offered throughout New York.

Other organizations also offer multi-cultural lupus programs:

LANtern (Lupus Asian Network) Program offers support, education, and outreach to the Chinese community. More

Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat) is a peer health education program staffed by trained volunteers living with lupus with a particular emphasis on Spanish-speaking communities. More

Descubriendo el Misterio de Lupus
Vea nuestra primera presentatción de programa educación de paciente en idioma Español por Dr. Philip Kahn del hospital New York Presbiterian. Download