Advocacy at all Levels

In collaboration with the Lupus Research Institute’s National Coalition, the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation is active at the federal and New York state/city levels of government to ensure that the voice of the lupus patient is heard. We aggressively advocate to influence health policy that is in the best interest of the lupus community.

Our national advocacy priorities include:

  • Investment in the biomedical research needed to deliver new treatments and a cure
  • Expanded health care access to ensure that people with lupus can afford proper medical treatment
  • Urging members of the Senate and House of Representatives to join the Congressional Lupus Caucus to increase awareness among legislators of issues related to people with the disease
  • Elimination of health care disparities in lupus to reduce barriers to care, especially among racial and ethnic minorities

New York State Advocacy

Take a New York minute and make your voices heard on an important health care issue that impacts our ability to receive the most suitable treatments. Let your NYS Legislators know that Step Therapy/First Fail protocol delays patient access to medications, creates more obstacles for patients and physicians to overcome, denies continuity of care, and FAILS all of us. That's why one of our co-members in the Lupus Agencies of NYS, the Lupus Foundation of Mid and Northern New York, Inc., created a petition to The New York State Assembly and The New York State Senate.

Will you please sign this petition? Click here: Step Therapy FAILS Us!

Providing a voice for patients with lupus through advocacy programs is a key component of the Foundation’s mission. Working on both the national and local levels, efforts focus on influencing policy in such areas as drug reimbursement, the establishment of Preferred Drug Lists, racial disparities, and securing federal funding to close the gap in lupus research.

The Foundation advocates on behalf of patients to stimulate and promote legislation aimed at developing better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for lupus. We also actively work to oppose bills that have a detrimental effect on health care and biomedical research in lupus.

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Lupus Research Institute (LRI) National Coalition

The S.L.E. Foundation is a proud member of The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) National Coalition, the advocacy network of state and local lupus organizations and other supportive groups united to:

  • Promote increased education and awareness of the seriousness of lupus and the need for increased research.
  • Advocate for the eradication of lupus through vigorous public and private-supported research efforts.
  • Collaborate on initiatives aimed at increasing funding for novel research in lupus.
  • Empower lupus patients to actively advocate for improved treatments and a cure.