S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Joins LRI National Coalition on the Hill -- Be a Virtual Advocate With Us!

LRI National Coalition

The S.L.E. Lupus Foundation joins our fellow members of the Lupus Research Institute’s National Coalition in DC for Lupus Advocacy Day. The voice of lupus community is sounding throughout the Hill as we visit over 50 legislators and staff for 2014 Lupus Advocacy Day. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Coalition gathers state and local organizations to serve patients in the top urban centers throughout the country and to advocate for lupus research and improved care. As we continue expanding to help more people with lupus nationwide, we currently cover highly populated cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Orlando, and Pittsburgh.

But wherever you live, you can join our Coalition TODAY as a virtual advocate without ever leaving home – help amplify and multiply the impact – the louder we speak, the more Congress will listen.

Visit the LRI Legislative Action Center to learn more about the three key issues we are putting forth to Congress. To help lupus patients gain safer and more effective treatments, we ask that our national representatives:

Support HR 460: The Patients' Access to Treatments Act (PATA)

  • Patients must have access to the newest biologic drugs they desperately need and deserve. This bill would protect patients from having to pay a percentage of their prescription drugs – an out-of-pocket cost that could run thousands each month.

Support Funding to Strengthen Biomedical Research at the National Institutes of Health

  • We are asking to restore NIH funding levels by 7% – a highly reasonable request given the 34% decrease NIH has suffered in funding for grants that could improve treatment for lupus and other life-threatening diseases.

Continue Inclusion of Lupus Research in the FY 2015 Defense Appropriations Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program


  • We need lupus to remain on the list of just 25 diseases eligible for research funded by the Defense budget. Lupus particularly targets a growing population in the armed forces - women of color.  

Please use our automated tool to identify and either email or phone your federal representatives. Templates are provided to help you explain the importance of funding lupus research and supporting the bill to improve patient access to the latest medicines.

It only takes a minute to take action that can save lives for years to come!