LRI Coalition Members Achieve Awareness and Advocacy Success with New York State Legislation

Representatives of Lupus Agencies of New York State with Senator Diane Savino and Assemblywoman Vanessa L. Gibson


S.L.E. Lupus Foundation was among members of the Lupus Research Institute National Coalition that comprise the Lupus Agencies of New York State (LANYS) in Albany for the 5th Annual Lupus Awareness Day sponsored by Assemblywoman Vanessa L. Gibson and Senator Joseph Griffo.

Lupus Awareness Day educates New York State’s elected policymakers, state agency officials, health care professionals, and the general public about lupus and the need for greater program support including research to develop better diagnostic tests and safer, more effective treatments, and ultimately, to discover the cure to eradicate this devastating disease.

Key pieces of legislation influenced include:

  • Taxpayer check-off to establish voluntary donations for lupus education/prevention/outreach programs
  • Establishment of Advisory Council to government comprised of representatives of people with lupus, their families and health care providers specializing in lupus
  • Creation of the lupus research enhancement program and fund
  • Regulation of Step Therapy protocol putting treatment decisions back in the hands of health care professionals rather than insurance companies