New Article Underscores Need for Lupus Initiative to Address Racial Disparities Among Hispanics and Others of Color

Greater awareness of lupus among physicians treating Hispanics is needed, confirming an article in Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine reviewing the scientific literature on lupus in this community.  Lupus attacks Hispanics more often and more severely than Caucasians, according to several analyses, most notably the Lupus in Minorities: Nature versus Nurture (LUMINA) study.  These findings further highlight the issue of racial disparities that the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) and our Coalition of patient groups nationwide have fought to bring to national attention. Conceived of by the LRI, the Lupus Initiative, is a collaborative project with the Offices of Minority Health and Women’s Health, and the Surgeon General’s Office and will be launching later this year. The professional education program will provide healthcare providers with the necessary training to better recognize and treat lupus in all populations including Hispanics.