Youngest Contributor to Lupus Research

At eight years old, Kyle Ray Falls sold lots of lemonade to help kids with Lupus. Kyle told his dad Tom he wanted to raise funds to help a charity that spends its dollars most efficiently to help children suffering from a disease.

"I'm not going to be able to give that much money, so they need to use it well," Kyle explained to Tom.

Together they scoured the internet and decided that giving to Lupus was how his $51.00 would be best spent.

"I read about all the things that can happen to people with Lupus, and I want to help," said Kyle. "I picked this group because it said A+ on the website which means you're doing a real good job helping people, and I want to do a good job too. It feels good helping other people, kind of like being a hero."

Kyle's mom Judy noted, "We are very proud that Kyle cares about other children in need and wants to give."