Tools for Managing Your Lupus - WEBINAR

Lupus expert Dr. Robin Dibner gives hundreds advice for living well with lupus in the first of our new lupus education webinar series

Miss it? Stream the presentation audio and slides,
download the slides as a PDF, and read the Q&A log from the program.

Dr. Dibner gives advice on:

  • coping with lupus in mind and body
  • preventing lupus flares and infection
  • drugs and supplements to avoid
  • healthy habits for feeling well in spite of lupus

She also discussed the importance of having a good relationship with your doctor and the need for support from friends and family, In addition to the webinar, you can find more advice and strategies for living with lupus from the that Dr. Dibner co-authored with Carol Colman, “The Lupus Handbook for Women.”

After the webinar, Tammy on our Facebook page said, “This was soooo cool!!! i loved it and wow.. Dr was very helpful!! thank you!!!!" Tiffany wrote, “Total Awesome sauce, glad my mom got to be there for the 1st time ever participating in an information session on lupus. Hoping to bring her along to more! Thank you for always being so supportive and providing REAL support for patients.”

And @thardenburg, one of many, posted a tweet: @LupusNY Thank you. I really enjoyed the webinar and learned a great deal.


More S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Webinars Coming

Since lupus is so unpredictable, webinars that can be accessed from home or office make a lot of sense as occasional alternatives to on-site events.

We plan to present several more in the coming months.  

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