Nick Cannon's Documentary on his Lupus Nephritis Journey

Nick Cannon posts Episode 1 of his documentary series "Ncredible Health Hustle" tracing his experience with lupus nephritis.


I am a female black woman. I

I am a female black woman. I was diagnosed with Lupus right after my 30th Bday. Since then there has been alot of ups and down. What I have learned is that Lupus is very unpredictable. I have yet to find someone in my family that has it. I wish that I had someone that I could talk to that could relate. But i do have a small support system that I feel every one battleing with Lupus should have.


Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well with you. I was also recently diagnosed with SLE lupus in August of 2011. In fact, most of the women, in my family is either diagnosed with MS or Lupus. My second eldest sister has lupus, cousin, and myself. My two aunts has MS, cousin, and my mother. The most important part in dealing with any illness is faith and support-stay strong and keep the faith.

your story

Interesting story. I was diagnosed with MS and was treated for three years.
Then I moved to Tx They said I did not have MS and stopped treatment. Three years later I am diagnosed with Lupus. I am now starting to get help but I am in a great deal of pain in walking etc. I wonder if the two diseased can be mixed up in diagnoses.
Best of health to you