Study Finds Gardasil Does Not Trigger Autoimmune Disorders

A new study found no link between autoimmune diseases like lupus with the vaccine Gardasil used to protect girls and young women a common sexually transmitted disease in the United States that can lead to cervical cancer. Funded by Merck & Co., the study was conducted at cancer center Kaiser Permanente and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Internal Medicine.


And no one thinks it's

And no one thinks it's suspiscious that the manufacturer of the drug is the one funding the testing? Of course the test shows that it's safe!
How about we find the parents of these girls that are getting sick and/or dying, and have them monitor the testing - we might actually see some legitimate results.

I agree! This does not seem

I agree! This does not seem like credible research. Independent studys should be made as so many girls now are sick. My daughter missed only a couple of days of school for most of her life and now has lupus. As I begin to research, I found so many other parents reporting her same symptoms after the vaccination was administered. It seems very likely that some children should not receive the Gardasil until more research is done.