Lupus Awareness Month: New Light on Lupus

New Progress: LRI Research Yields Breakthroughs

In Founding the LRI, the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Ushered In the Golden Age of Lupus Research

The S.L.E. Lupus Foundation helped build New York into the world’s largest hub of lupus research, attracting new talent to the field and fostering innovation and discovery. The Foundation founded the LRI to expand that support to the nation, funding only the most novel research projects. And in just one decade, the LRI delivered outstanding research advances with many of the most pivotal discoveries in lupus of the century. Progress is happening at an unprecedented rate.

The Numbers Speak Louder Than Words!

  • Over $170 million for novel, innovative research in lupus
  • 150 Novel Research Grants awarded
  • 84% success rate: Investigators prove novel hypotheses, publish results and win extended funding to move ideas from bench to bedside
  • 92 cents of every dollar goes directly to fund novel lupus research

Novel Research Delivers Discoveries That Matter

Lupus Awareness Month celebrates documented, solid scientific success that impact patient lives. Share our excitement in the results funding only the most novel innovative research has produced:

Predicting flare.

Two new lab tests to predict lupus flare. By detecting the earliest signs of an upsurge in disease activity the tests are designed to improve disease management and accelerate the testing of new drugs in clinical trials. Researchers: Mary K. Crow, MD and Emily Baechler Gillespie, PhD

Predicting heart risk.

For the first time clinical research showed that a blood test for homocysteine identifies lupus patients most at risk for cardiovascular disease. Doctors are now using the test to guide preventative treatment and reduce the chance of life-threatening cardiac events. Researcher: Joan Von Feldt, MD

Discovering how lupus attacks the brain.

Researchers uncovered how the lupus immune system attacks the central nervous system (CNS), This insight has led to work on a new targeted treatment for neurological and psychological complications of lupus. Researcher: Betty Diamond, MD

Discovering how lupus harms the heart.

A chemically altered form of ‘good’ cholesterol was found to contribute to circulatory system damage in lupus. This discovery has led to new ways to identify and treat patients at risk of heart disease. Researcher: Bevra Hahn, MD

Transforming kidney diagnosis.

Researchers devised new non-invasive tests to diagnose and guide treatment of lupus kidney disease as alternatives to surgical kidney biopsies. Researchers: Chandra Mohan, MD, PhD; Chaim Putterman, MD; Joshua Thurman, MD

Discovering new genes.

Genetic breakthroughs uncovered new culprits in lupus — the Toll-like receptors. Drugs that inhibit these proteins are soon to be tested in lupus patients. Researchers: Silvia Bolland, PhD and Ian R. Rifkin, MD, PhD

Smarter drug delivery.

Targeting drug doses directly to disease causing cells using innovative nanotechnology promises to make existing lupus treatments safer and more effective. Researcher: Tarek Fahmy, PhD

Together let’s ramp up the pace further as we are closing in
on the cause and going for the cure!

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