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October 2007

October is Lupus Awareness Month
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For more than 35 years, the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation has been providing help for people with lupus and their families, funding lupus research and fostering public awareness of this chronic illness.

What You Should Know About Lupus
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This Lupus Awareness Month, we encourage you to team up with the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation and Lupus LA to spread public awareness of this often misdiagnosed and misunderstood disease.

Each Monday in October, we will send you an email featuring important information about lupus, focusing on a different topic each week.

Please forward these emails to your friends and family members to help them learn more about lupus.

Lupus and The Heart

Heart disease is present in one of every three people with lupus, and is a common cause of sickness and death. While most people develop it after 10 or more years of having lupus, many are still so young--in their 30s and 40s--that they do not even realize that their heart can get sick. Taking extra good care of the heart with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and heart medicines when needed can make a big difference.

How does lupus make the heart sick? The most common heart problem in people with lupus is inflammation in the sac around the heart. This can cause shortness of breath and sharp chest pains. Lupus can also directly weaken the heart by causing it to get inflamed. More »

What about coronary artery disease? More than 1 in 3 people with lupus have this problem, which can cause chest pain, heart attack, or stroke. With coronary artery disease, the arteries that take blood and oxygen to the heart get inflamed. Because of changes in the immune system caused by lupus, the arteries get stiff and rapidly harden, narrow, and clog. More »

Is it necessary to see a heart specialist? Along with a close relationship with a lupus doctor, it is important to see a heart specialist, called a cardiologist, if heart problems develop. More »

Are there people with lupus at extra risk for heart problems? Certain populations, such as black women, need to be particularly watchful for heart problems. Not only is heart disease the number one killer of all black women, but the death rate from heart disease is much higher in women of color. More »

Are doctors learning more about lupus and heart disease? Researchers are learning a lot about how and why lupus damages the heart, and about the immune system changes that can be so harmful. They are figuring out quicker and easier tests (predictors called "biomarkers") for seeing if the heart or coronary arteries are getting damaged by lupus, so that treatment can be started right away. More »

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In New York:
Get into the Loop! NYC Hospital Tour

Join us for the Get into the Loop! New York City Hospital Tour stopping in all 5 boroughs this fall. Get the latest on lupus from the experts and learn about our programs and support services. Each stop features dinner, fun giveaways and raffle prizes. Dinner will be provided.

Tuesday, October 16th - 6 PM to 8 PM
Managing Joint and Muscle Pain
with Stuart Green, MD
Brooklyn Hospital Center Auditorium
121 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Register for this free program:
Call 212-685-4118 or email sresto@lupusny.org Give name, address, phone and number attending. See map »

In Los Angeles:
Lupus Awareness Month Press Conference

With California Assemblyman Curren Price,
51st Assembly District

On Policies and Programs to Prevent,
Detect, and Treat Lupus
Tuesday, October 16th - 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Ira Kaufman Wing at Centinela Hospital
555 East Hardy Street, Inglewood, CA


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Mary Norton Boutique Opening Supports Lupus Research Mary Norton Boutique Opening Supports Lupus Research
Luxury handbag and shoe designer Mary Norton opened her newest boutique in Los Angeles and donated a percentage of the opening week proceeds to Lupus LA to benefit lupus research through the Lupus Research Institute. The cause is near and dear to Norton's heart as she was diagnosed with lupus nearly ten years ago.

Mary Norton is a red carpet favorite of Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl, and Keira Sedgwick. Her bags are currently featured on the pages of Vanity Fair and Lucky Magazine.

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