September 2012

More than half a million New Yorkers woke up to news about lupus in Friday’s edition of the New York Daily News. An in-depth article focused on the work of S.L.E. Lupus Foundation and Outreach Coordinator Tayumika Zurita in our Brooklyn Lupus Center.

Reading the paper in print or online, people living with lupus as well as those searching for a diagnosis learned about the disease and local services available through the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation here in New York. Equally beneficial, people who know nothing about lupus or those who care about someone with the disease gained a deeper appreciation of its debilitating effects.

As Tayumika described in her interview, the Foundation helps thousands affected by lupus face the challenges posed by this dangerous chronic illness. We promote early diagnosis and provide a wide range of support to people with lupus throughout the city, including disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Such effective community-based advocacy to reduce racial disparities in lupus care led to collaboration with U.S. government agencies producing Federal appropriations for the Lupus Initiative – the new education program for physicians and medical providers nationwide.

We appreciate the Daily News for recognizing the need to further lupus awareness and the work of the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation. A major story in the country’s fifth largest newspaper goes a long way in letting people know we’re here to help!

But everyone who increases our ability to provide the very best in science and service is a headliner in our daily news! Please click here to donate what you can to allow us to continue funding the research that is finding new treatments and the services helping those living with lupus until we have a cure.

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