“It's time for Life Without Lupus®.”

Founder Susan Golick movingly reflects on our decades-long fight for care and a cure

40 years

Forty years ago…I first heard the words: "you have lupus."

I was confused, shocked, and scared. I was a young woman and my family said, "let’s do something about it." So we did.

Forty years ago…a small group of families, feeling the same sense of outrage that so little was out there for young women with this cruel disease, gathered in my parent’s living room.

I can still see my dad Morrie (pictured with a younger me at right) sitting in his favorite green chair, and finally blurting out: "We’ll fight back. For you and the millions of other Americans with lupus. We have to." And we have.

We were the first to fight back against lupus.
And we’ve never stopped.

  • For forty years, the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation has told millions of Americans what lupus is, and how it so cruelly attacks and destroys a person’s body. That lupus is a leading cause of heart attack, kidney disease and stroke in young women and why it’s so important to stay smart and aware – and alive.
  • For forty years, we’ve worked hard to help people with lupus who are in pain, are suffering or are alone – some of them families in our country’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • For forty years, we’ve funded young researchers, put them together with top scientists and mentors so that the best-trained minds can help us find better treatments and a cure.
  • And with the launch of our incredible Lupus Research Institute 10 years ago, we’ve now totally changed the outlook for people with lupus. By finding and funding scientists with the smartest, most promising new ideas on how to prevent, treat and cure lupus, we’re pioneering the successful discoveries that will better all our lives. 

Forty years later, I still have lupus

and my dad, who turns 100 this year, still likes that green armchair in the living room.

Our focus is clear – we're working for a cure. And our work is not done. This disease remains a destructive and vicious nightmare for women who should not have to live in fear of the dreaded diagnosis: "you have lupus."

Please join us in this fight – the fight we started and refuse to give up.

As we mark 40 years of service, we celebrate courage and commitment – and the enormous research progress made possible by the generous help of friends like you.

We so hope you will join with us – in our 40th Anniversary Year – by considering a gift of $40 to fight lupus.

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It’s time for better treatments. It’s time for a cure. It’s time for Life Without Lupus®.

We thank you very much.


Susan Golick
S.L.E. Lupus Foundation

(At the 2009 Life Without Lupus® Gala
with my husband Alan Wasserman)



P.S. You can probably tell—I am a very realistic optimist. I am convinced that if we can keep this research progress going and work together we will get to a Life Without Lupus®.

For a donation of $40—or whatever you are comfortable contributing—the fight against lupus that we started in our living room will get so fierce that I am certain we’ll win it – and soon.